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Welcome to Regina Urban Ecology!

RUE was created in 2009 as a forum to discuss diverse aspects of the urban experience in Regina, Saskatchewan – urban planning and design, community, art, culture, and the natural ecology of the city. In addition to examining local issues, we’ve also showcased projects from cities around the world to gain a greater understanding of how citizens, non-profit organizations, private actors, and municipal leaders can create great streets, great communities, and great cities (archive of posts here).

While the blog has largely been retired, RUE now provides a point of connection for urbanists in Regina and beyond. There are many fantastic organizations and citizen groups leading exciting initiatives and projects in our city and we strive to help these groups connect to harness their collective efforts. We also regularly connect with like-minded organizations across Canada. Our hope is to ensure that Regina and Regina-based organizations are represented in larger urban initiatives across the country.

Thanks for joining us and drop us a line if you’d like to connect,

– Laura


lp_RUELaura Pfeifer is a planner with interests in active transportation, public space design, equity and well-being in cities, and citizen agency. Laura holds both an M.Sc and an MUP from McGill University and has worked in both municipal planning and for private firms in Canada and the US. Laura writes for Spacing magazine covering urban issues in Saskatchewan and is the head organizer for Jane’s Walk in Regina. She was also a member of the 2014-15 cohort of the Toronto Urban Fellows.