Downtown Art Windows

In February 2011, Regina Urban Ecology partnered with the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District to initiate the Window Art project in downtown Regina. The project started as a collaboration with the University of Regina’s Community Research Unit where four students spent a week researching, exploring, and discussing potential uses for vacant store spaces in downtown Regina including cross-overs with the local arts community. For more information about that week, please check here.

Filling empty store spaces can include displaying art installations in the window, or converting the spaces into galleries and community classrooms. All of these options provide a valuable service to the community by promoting an active pedestrian realm and attracting long-term tenants to these spaces. In the end we’d love to see places like this:

Travellers building

Become this:

Travellers building 2

Since 2012 this project has evolved into a partnership between Creative City Centre and the Regina Downtown BID called Pop Up Downtown featuring art installations in underutilized spaces throughout the downtown!



For more info and to get involved, click here.

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