Friday Feature: HOTTEA


For this week’s Friday Feature, I wanted to share the work of Minneapolis artist Eric Rieger (HOTTEA). I came across Eric’s work a few weeks ago and it continues to inspire me. Eric uses yarn and other simple materials to create non-destructive street art installations.


What really delights me about Eric’s work is how simple modifications to common built spaces can create a completely different experience.  In pieces like Ritual and Optimism, everyday public spaces (old tennis courts, connector walkways) become visible, colourful, and playful.  It’s a good reminder that small, ephemeral interventions can have a big impact.



In contrast to a lot of street art, Eric’s installations are sculptural and transform how people move through and interact with space. I rarely consider the three dimensional and sculptural opportunities of public space interventions. His work has inspired me to consider so many new possibilities for neglected spaces as I walk around.

Check out more of Eric’s work (including his lovely indoor pieces) on Flickr and in these articles showcasing his installations.

Have a great weekend!


**All photos courtesy of HOT TEA

Friday Feature: HOTTEA

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