Neighborhood Tree Project in Toronto

This article is cross-posted from guest contributor Katherine Forster’s blog ‘dandelions and concrete‘.

Love this example of a Neighborhood Tree Project in Toronto where a neighborhood association (Harbour Village Residents), academia (U of Toronto), the municipality and charitable organizations worked together to increase the street tree canopy and raise awareness and understanding of the need for more urban trees:

“U of T Forestry grad students (were hired) to go door to door signing up local residents for a free front yard tree to be provided by the City of Toronto.

With tiny front yards in most of the 1600 single family homes, it was often tough to persuade residents of the value of front yard trees. But the Forestry grad students were good educators and approximately 100 residents submitted the City’s front yard tree application and obtained trees.

To overcome the biggest challenge, the City’s Urban Forestry department (was convinced) to create a new brochure, explaining that trees were not to blame for broken sewer pipes or cracked foundations.”

The work here also included a tree inventory (of 5000 trees) and efforts for funding backyard tree planting also!

More info (and image) found here: 6 Years of Tree Projects

Neighborhood Tree Project in Toronto

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