RUE collaboration with Bike Regina

Hey RUE readers – long time no blog!

School has been very busy over the last year finishing papers and wrapping up my final graduate project. As school winds down I’m looking forward to graduation and seeing what the future will bring… and hopefully a bit more time spent here.

bike report card

But don’t think that because you’ve heard crickets on the site that we at RUE haven’t been hard at work – we’ve been actively working on developing a project in partnership with Bike Regina. After creating the Regina Cycles crowdsourcing map (now co-edited with Bike Regina members), we started looking for more opportunities to connect. It took a little bit of time to sort out the details, but Bike Regina and RUE are currently collaborating to get these great bicyclist’s accident report cards created and distributed in the Queen City.

bike report card 2

The cards were the brainchild of Boston lawyer, Josh Zisson, who specializes in bike law and created the site Bike Safe Boston. He developed these great cards for cyclists to report if they are in an accident or close call. In addition to simple graphics and info on basic cycling laws (tailored to each city), the cards provide a place for cyclists to note important information (date, time, driver’s information, licence plate numbers, etc.)… largely the same info you would take note of if you were in a vehicular accident. Here is a great article about the cards and Josh at Fast Company.

We’re very excited to be working with Bike Regina on this initiative. They are a great group and we are excited to see that they are building their membership and gaining visibility in Regina. We hope to have the cards printed and distributed in the next few months.

** Our sincere condolences go to all those affected by the bombing in Boston yesterday. Josh from Bike Safe Boston shares his thoughts here. Stay safe.

RUE collaboration with Bike Regina

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