Transit Changes

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There are changes happening to the Regina transit’s route system. There will be five public meetings for the Transit Route Review if you want to share your thoughts or ask questions about the transit changes.

Wednesday, January 30, 3 to 8pm at the Cornwall Centre

Thursday, January 31, 3 to 8pm at the Northgate Mall

Saturday, February 2, 11am to 3pm at the Victoria Square Mall

Monday, February 4, 5:30 to 8pm at the Albert Scott Community Centre

Tuesday, February 5, 10am to 2pm at the U of R Riddell Centre

There are two proposed express routes on Albert Street and Victoria Avenue. These routes will be direct, through the downtown, between outlying commercial centres.

Transit service will come to Maple Ridge, Lakeridge, Skyview, Spruce Meadows, Kanosis, Windsor Park, the Co-op Refinery, Science Centre and the Airport (Click the link for a map of new areas,-104.637909&spn=0.121052,0.191917).

Sunday service will change to be consistent with weekday and Saturday routes.

According to the report (Proposed Conventional Route Changes CR13-4) presented to council on Monday, these changes come from recommendations in the Transit Investment Plan (TIP) to have more direct routes and for busy routes to increase in frequency.

The new fare system and fareboxes allow the collection of more ridership data.  This increase in data gives transit planners a better picture of system usage.

A section of the report titled Current Situation (page 3) outlines that only 3 of the nine base routes (the “core routes of the system) meet or exceed performance standards.  It is these base routes that,  if the funding were available, would have 15 minute service at peak times (7-9am and 3-6pm).  Since the funding is not there, however, the only routes that will have 15 minute intervals at peak time are 1,2,3,7 (in the am) and 9 (in the pm).

Transit Changes

3 thoughts on “Transit Changes

  1. It’s about time they changed the transit routes! I’ve been waiting for this ever since they introduced the R-Card and all the tracking abilities that they bragged went with it…

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