MUPpets in the field: Mike G., Dea, Nicole

Today we have an update from MUP students working with Transportation Research at McGill (TRAM). There are only a few more updates coming in (and I promise to also get mine up soon :)


Dea, Nicole and Mike G (pictured counter-clockwise from bottom right and excluding the fellow in the blue shirt) Photo by Owen Egan-McGill
We have been interning over the summer with Transportation Research at McGill (TRAM), a tight-knit team mostly consisting of students and faculty from the School of Urban Planning.
Over the summer, most of our focus was on researching and writing papers that were submitted for presentation and publication to the Transportation Research Board and other bodies.  Some of our work was self-directed, although we had periodic group-wide brainstorming sessions (featuring excellent ricotta pizza) and constant opportunity to bounce ideas around or gain advice from senior members.  Each of us led one or more projects and collaborated on others, developing research, technical, writing and presentation skills within a stimulating and cooperative environment. 
I (Mike G.) spent about half my time examining Montreal trends in transit use by population birth cohorts, considering home location, household composition and other variables.  I also joined Dea on the 2012 TRAM Bicycle Theft Survey, for data cleaning and application, and for writing what is likely to be the first of many papers employing this novel dataset.  TRAM allowed me to experience a Montreal summer, replete with festivities and good company, while exploring topics of interest and gaining familiarity with pertinent tools and the transportation research milieu.
MUPpets in the field: Mike G., Dea, Nicole

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