Crowd-sourcing Regina Cycling

A few weeks ago both Martin and I attended the Regina Transportation Master Plan cycling workshop (attended by city staff, local cycling group members, as well as citizens who cycle). The workshop was informative (we learned about different types of cycling infrastructure including what works best in certain conditions) and it proved to be a useful discussion between all attendees. We talked a lot about what was currently working with Regina’s cycling network and what needed thought when it comes to the transportation master plan.

Of the many great ideas that came out of the discussion, one inspired us to get started right away: the creation of a crowd-sourced map of cycling in the city.The idea is simple: invite local cyclists to identify on a map good streets to travel on, current choke points or sources of stress, and potential opportunities they think would make cycling in the city a little easier. Here’s a video of  a city staff member talking about this idea.

So – we’ve started a crowd-sourced map to start collecting these ideas. In particular, we are interested to know where small changes could make a big impact (e.g. adding a curb cut that would create a linkage between the street and the pathway system so cyclists don’t have to get off their bike, lift their bike onto the sidewalk, and then get on and join the pathway). It’s also important to identify what has been done well already and what things exist currently that local cyclists would like to see more of.

It isn’t perfect, but it’s a start. Hopefully one that the city can check out, and maybe even build off of or improve over time.

Now go and add your thoughts on what is working well and what things would make a big difference to you as a cyclist in the city!

** Thanks to Saskboy for the video!

Crowd-sourcing Regina Cycling

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