MUPpets in the field: Kathleen

Kathleen is one of the international students in the program (she hails from the great city of Chicago). She has a background in community development and a keen interest in housing issues.


My internship is with the Housing Department of the City of Montreal, where I’m working on an analysis of new construction. The work itself is very focused on the nitty-gritty business of sorting through thousands of data, then presenting the analysis in a clear way. For all the times I’ve felt lost in the data, I’ve had the support of terrific colleagues who have been clear about their expectations and who have been very patient with me when I just didn’t get it. I’m the only intern on the team, so I have plenty of opportunity to go pick the brains of my colleagues, whose knowledge of Montreal and of housing policy issues is impressive.

Working in Montreal over the summer has been interesting from a social point of view as well. Although I speak French, this is my first time working in an almost entirely Québécois context. Picnics in the Parc de la Fontaine and outdoor festivals aren’t bad either. After a very busy academic year at McGill, I am finally getting the chance to appreciate the City and its unique culture.

MUPpets in the field: Kathleen

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