Egg Hunt…

There have been a few times walking around Toronto this summer where I’ve been excited to come across various landmarks, cafes, or businesses I’ve heard about through friends or read on some of my favourite blogs. It’s kind of like an Easter Egg hunt in the city but most of the time it’s accidental… though I’m starting to do a little research and use my sleuthing skills to make it more fun too!    

My favourite accidental sighting so far is a piece of graffiti featuring Mayor Rob Ford that I first saw in the latest national issue of Spacing magazine (it’s hard to miss in the spread)… Speaking of which, I had the opportunity to contribute a few more articles to that issue, and it was great to work with the folks at Spacing again!

This time around I contributed a profile of Prairie Wild Consulting out of Saskatoon, and a piece about the need for more artist spaces in Regina (studios, rehearsal and performance spaces). In that article I’d interviewed Marian Donnelly of the Creative City Centre on Hamilton Street who announced yesterday that she’s running for mayor this fall.

Egg Hunt…

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