MUPpets in the Field: Emma

Today we have a bit of a treat – I’m sharing the first update from my Masters of Urban Planning (MUP) classmates on how their summer planning internships are going. I decided to start by asking Emma – who is working for the VERY cool Pop-Up City in Amsterdam (dream job, right?)! I thought, since Emma was doing some blogging for her internship, it would be fun to share her experience right away. So, here is the update from Amsterdam!


I am doing my summer internship with Golfstromen in the heart of Amsterdam. The company’s main claim to fame is their blog, The Pop-Up City. The blog covers trends in design and ideas for cities, particularly those that involve a “dynamic and flexible interpretation of contemporary urban life”. Golfstromen is also a regular contributor to other urban-related blogs, the curator for PechaKucha Amsterdam, and consultant for various urban design projects.

The office is small, laidback and fun to work in. We enjoy a communal picnic lunch everyday! On the flip side, I feel that I’m given too much latitude in my work. Being a first-time blogger, I’d really appreciate more guidelines on finding and structuring content for the blog. I’d also like to work on more urban design projects like the one they did for the Rotterdam Police on anti-theft awareness.

That being said, I can’t really complain because I’ve only been in the office a few weeks and it is really fun AND it fits perfectly with my research project on temporary uses of urban space. Being here in the Netherlands, I’m surrounded by really great temporary urban interventions from street furniture to cultural events.

So that’s the news from the ‘Dam, hope to have more exciting stuff to report on by the end of the summer!



MUPpets in the Field: Emma

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