Shawn Micallef and Stroll City

I’m pretty pumped today. I just found out that Shawn Micallef (Senior Editor and Co-owner of Spacing) is giving a talk today near my work! It is in conjunction with the ‘Berlin on the Go – Towards a Pedestrian-Friendly City‘ opening presented by the Goethe Institute and Urbanspace Gallery here in Toronto.

Shawn works on a wide range of projects (regularly writing columns for various papers and magazines, helping to create this mobile phone documentary project, and writing the book, Stroll, are only a few) and he always seems to have something interesting up his sleeve. This cool project, just launched on the TTC subways a few days ago – I don’t happen to rely on the subway to get around town here so I may need to make a special trip just to check out the project in person.

He is also known as Toronto’s resident flâneur (someone who wanders, observes, and comments on the city landscape as a way to try and understand it).  I’ve got some thoughts about the idea of the flâneur to share in a few days, but for now, I suggest checking out Shawn’s twitter account – it’s a mix of a lot of things but his observations and commentary are fun to follow. Needless to say, I think he’ll have some interesting things to share tonight.

Shawn Micallef and Stroll City

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