Village of North Regina

Here are some pictures from the Jane’s Walk I lead around the Village of North Regina at the beginning of May.  It was a very wet afternoon and unfortunately the group got soaked.  There was even time for hail which, luckily, we were able to shelter from.  When the walk continued, washed out conditions meant tricky footing the participants.  Periods of sun and then more showers followed.

The Village of North Regina was a settlement along the Grand Trunk (then Canadian National) rail yards near 1st avenue north and Pasqua Street.  The Village was incorporated in 1914 after various buildings in the area had been erected. The residents of this community largely worked on the rails and because of this, the area was very ethnically mixed but retained strong social bonds through everyone’s working class existence.

 The Village was finally annexed by the city of Regina on January 1, 1951 along with other outside communities, like North Annex, Coronation Park and Highland Park. 

I want to thank everyone who came out Sunday May 6th for the Jane’s Walk around the Village of North Regina.  The weather was less than co-operative and the route was long, so I really appreciate people sticking around right to the end.

** Special thanks to Hilarey Cowan who took (these) photos.

Village of North Regina

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