Regina’s Jane’s Walk Take Four!

Over the next few weeks we at RUE are making our final rounds to remind everyone to come out to Regina’s 4th Annual Jane’s Walk. The main Jane’s Walk weekend takes place over May 5 and 6 in neighbourhoods across Regina and across the world. Walks go rain or shine so come prepared (comfy shoes, clothes for warm (or cool) weather, etc. For more info about Jane’s Walk in general, you can check here and here.

For our 4th year we have a few fun things going on:

1) As a pre-Jane’s Walk weekend we have a very special walk being led by our youngest guides yet. This weekend on April 29, at 1pm the Cathedral Sparks (Girl Guides) will be leading participants around to show them their favourite places in their neighbourhood. It is a unique opportunity to get a girl’s eye view of what is important. Remember, this walk takes place a week before the official weekend – April 29, 1pm… mark your calendars.

2) Martin Gourlie, one solid half of the RUE team is leading a walk in the former village of North Regina. This should be interesting – it is an area of the city that I imagine few people frequent and likely fewer people know the history of. Martin has done some digging and you should go check out what he’s found.

3) As part of the 100th anniversary of Connaught School, there will be a tour about the school and the community.

4) We also have a little piece of exciting news – Dennie Fornwald’s Silent Midnight Walk in the Heritage Community has be listed as one of the Top-10 Original and Offbeat Tours to check out by Projects for Public Spaces out of New York!

For a full list of all the wonderful walks taking places in Regina this year, click here.

Regina’s Jane’s Walk Take Four!

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