Design Regina: Community Priorities

There will be three follow-up Design Regina public information meetings tomorrow at the Artesian on 13th Avenue.  The meetings will look at a refined list of eight community priorities developed during the Design Regina workshops held last October (here and here).  The meetings will start at noon, 5pm and 7pm.

The list of eight priorities that will be presented tomorrow is below:

  1. Develop Complete Neighbourhoods
  2. Embrace and Invest in Arts, Culture, Sport and Recreation
  3. Support the Availability of Diverse Housing Options
  4. Create Better Ways of Getting Around
  5. Promote Conservation & Environmental Stewardship
  6. Achieve Financial Sustainability
  7. Foster Economic Prosperity
  8. Optimize Regional Cooperation

The priorities last October after the first day were:

  1. Design Complete Communities
  2. Embrace and Invest in Arts and Culture
  3. Affordable and appropriate housing for all
  4. More and better options for movement
  5. Conservation and environmental stewardship
  6. Adopt life-cycle costing
  7. New revenue generating tools
  8. New strategy for engagement and collaboration

With the last two priorities added after the second day.

Design Regina: Community Priorities

3 thoughts on “Design Regina: Community Priorities

  1. I plan to go at about 7pm, is there something still ongoing between 5 and 7?

    I am also in touch with people who were looking for the original 8, thanks for providing them!
    The regional cooperation is a good idea, but it’s not really part of what the public set out in the priorities, is it?

  2. Was an okay presentation, the question section could have been longer. I’m glad people brought up urban agriculture, and education as missing components in the plan, even though there were Citizen Circles devoted to each.

    I would have enjoyed the evening more if some bozo hadn’t stolen my bike seat from my locked bike on the corner of Angus St. and 13th Ave., while I was inside hearing how the city wants to encourage cyclists.

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