February 8, 2012 Planning Commission

There are four reports today at the 4pm planning commission meeting at City Hall.

RPC 12-7 Will see one of the oldest buildings in Regina receive heritage recognition.  The former Salvation Army Citadel and Christian Apostolic Church, located at 1772 Montreal Street is now (well, as of Jane’s Walks last year anyway) the Core Christian Centre, an after school child care space.

RPC 12-6 A rezoning of parcels around the former Sherwood Village Mall (YMCA and Sherwood Library area) from PUD (MU) Planned Unit Development (Mixed Use) to MS or Main Street.  This MS zoning allows the library to be a permitted use and the subdivision will include the rear parking lot of the library.

RPC 12-5 Lastly, a discretionary use application (11-DU-4) at 215 Winnipeg Street N for a proposed new Robin’s Donuts drive-thru restaurant on the old Race Trac Gas site on the corner of 6th Ave N.  The restaurant will be converted from a car-wash attached to a convenience store/gas station. 

The City’s report included feed back against another donut shop in the area; with the City’s response being that administration doesn’t choose the style of restaurant for zoning approval.

February 8, 2012 Planning Commission

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