Friends of the Library Meeting: Lets talk about theatres

Thursday February 2nd at 7:30 there is a meeting of the Friends of the Library to discuss concerns with the City Cultural Centre project (aka the new main branch library). The meeting will take place at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre, 2900 13th Avenue.

My main concern is keeping an art and foreign film theatre in downtown Regina.  The RPL Film theatre is my favourite thing about the main library.  So when I think about a new facility or an addition to the existing building, including or retaining theatre space is important in promoting more night life.   

Following the break are some of my favourite theatres.

The Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon is an example close to home.  Here, essential theatre elements like the marquee and signage help make the fairly drab exterior stand out from its neighbours.

The Nortown, on Dewdney, building is no longer there and the theatre was long gone by time of demolition.  The marquee and signage along with a corner entrance.  I rather like a corner entrance, can one be made part of a new library set up?

Cairo has many theatres downtown, all close together.  Most go without the marquee, concentrating on bright colours, large posters and elaborate signage to grab attention.  The best thing about Cairo’s big cinemas are the other shops and users who share the buildings. 

When I arrived in Cairo on a Thursday night, just before the late show in this theatre district, the area was packed with all walks of life.  The theatres were very busy, but ice creme sellers, clothing retailers, cafes and restaurants were all doing well.

The Civic Theatre in Auckland New Zealand I discovered by accident.  I was navigating for our group and lead them Downtown rather than out to the hostel in an adjacent neighbourhood.  I can’t say I regret my error because the civic was probably the most marvelous building I saw in Auckland.  Plus, a clock tower (Hugo anyone?) 

Finally, this deathly ill theatre in  downtown Amman Jordan.  I had seen the shimmering green wall from far away and made a point to find out what this building was one morning.  Amman’s downtown theatres were abandoned for mall and suburban mall theatres of a newer generation.    Whatever this building’s condition, its light green tile wall was still able to draw-in someone.

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Friends of the Library Meeting: Lets talk about theatres

One thought on “Friends of the Library Meeting: Lets talk about theatres

  1. Jeannie Mah says:

    Thanks for the photo of the Nortown, Martin! I do remember it as a cinema, but I was pretty young – I am sure that I saw girly cartoons there – Cinerella or something…. I also bowled there. I loved the ticket booth as an architectural element, making the entry into the cinema more theatrical. Thanks for all the other images of cinemas from around the world! we could all add to this!!!

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