Migrating Landscapes

Greetings to RUE readers in the Paris of the Prairies, Saskatoon!  I want to let you know about an exhibition that opened on Thursday, January 20th called Migrating Landscapes.  You should go see it.

The exhibition is presented by the combination of Jae-Sung Chon, a Winnipeg architect and educator, and the firm 5468796 Architects, to create Migrating Landscapes Organizer (MLO). 

The exhibition features young Canadian architects responding to the landscape imagined by MLO with dwelling designs that carry cultural meaning. The hope is to create an installation, a new landscape, which will include the diverse experiences of Canadians through the eyes and lives of young architects, designers and artists (like RUE friend and contributor Hilarey Cowan who is currently exhibiting in the Saskatchewan competition!) 

A May 9, 2011 Canada Council for the Arts press release suggests:

“Migrating Landscapes” will act as a forum for young Canadian architects and designers to investigate, provoke, document and expose the unique manifestations of cultural memory that overlay Canada today.

Another exciting aspect of the exhibition is that it will be Canada’s submission to the 2012 Venice Biennale in Architecture

The exhibition contains regional competitions across the country; with the Saskatchewan competition running from January 20th to February 11th at the Mendel Art Gallery

For more perspective on Migrating Landscapes, check out this post and video from Cityzen Urban Lifestyle Blog for their short interview with Pina Petricone of Toronto’s Giannone Petricone Associates Inc.

** mouse over image for credit info

Migrating Landscapes

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