Queen City Tenants Association


Tuesday night was the first AGM for the Queen City Tenants Association Inc. (QCTA).   Around a dozen people came to the event, braving the coldest night of the year so far. 

The group advocates that all Regina citizens have access to appropriate and affordable housing.  At the meeting, the board and membership adopted a set of bylaws including the group’s vision, goals and values.

The group’s vision is as follows:

3.1. The Queen City Tenants Association Inc. is non-profit, non-partisan and

3.1.1. Promotes solutions for tenants

3.1.2. Increases awareness if tenant/landlord rights, responsibilities and obligations

3.1.3. Provides educational materials for tenants and the homeless

3.1.4. Advocates on behalf of Regina residents facing housing challenges 

Some of QCTA’s goals include establishing whistleblower protection for tenants, creating minimal standards for rental housing properties and opposing a base tax rate for housing properties. 

Generally, the QCTA values collective decision-making, being community and needs driven and accountable.


The second part of the meeting featured a presentation by Dale Beck of the Office of Residential Tenancies (ORT) (If you have questions about your rights as a tenant or landlord click on the link above, call ORT in Regina 787-2699 or toll-free in Sask 1-888-215-2222 or email queries to: ORT@gov.sk.ca).   

Mr. Beck spoke about the Office’s efforts at conflict resolution between landlords and tenants.  The hope is that the information provided by the website and staff can inform the both parties of their rights and responsibilities, so they can resolve conflicts together, without mediation. 

There has been a reduction in the amount of mediation that Mr. Beck’s office goes through.  He noted, however, even with the reduction, over 60 000 phone calls came into the office in 2010.  With 6 800 applications, 80% of which were initiated by landlords, for resolution. 

Dr. Beck went on to talk about some of the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords legislated by the government of Saskatchewan.

The QCTA plans to have 4-6 meetings a year with special gatherings on specific topics or for fundraising in addition.  Full memberships will cost five dollers, with associate memberships also available.   



Queen City Tenants Association

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