11th Avenue changes

The end of year holidays are winding down and for many of us the rush of events, dinners, shopping and travel is drawing to a close.  This year-end period can be a real change of pace and routine.

Fittingly then, 11th Avenue in downtown Regina has seen, in the last few months, once vacant store fronts supporting new shops.  These new shops leave 11th in much better shape when compared to last February.  Towards the end of February 2011 RUE partnered with the U of R and Regina Downtown to promote the window art project for underutilized downtown spaces (Window Art day 1, 2, 3 & 4) many of which were located on 11th.

The former momentum space (shown above), alongside the Scarth street entrance way to the Cornwall Centre, was the first to change when, in late fall, EB Games came outside the mall and took up the property.

Buy mid December, EB Games had returned to their newly renovated space back in the mall as planned.  The corner shop was once again empty.

In the same building, however, another short-term store was opened with the Lululemon pop-up store locating in the old bank that had been empty for some time.

Above the lights are off in the former Momentum space with EB Games moving once again.  The lights in the old bank (see the space in February 2011 below) are on, with customers a-plenty.

Further West, the Somerset Block, which had lost a few tenants lately, was filling up once again.  In February 2011, there were two or three empty store fronts including the former Sky High Travel Agency. 

Now, new tenants, a clothing store called Norwood (see their facebook page), have set-up shop on the corner of Smith and 11th and a convenience store has landed in the West-most storefront. 


The Yaeger Block has transformed as well, following the ideas of the Window Art project, in some ways like the Gordon Block on 12th Avenue, to have something rather than emptiness.   

Before (above), the empty Yaeger Block and after (below) with a mural in the window.  What do you think of the change?

11th Avenue changes

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