Council Recap

It was a very busy agenda Monday night at the last City Council meeting in 2011.  There were numerous reports and bylaw changes with many issues prompting discussion, questions, amendments and statements.  With the combination of discussion and large agenda, the well attended meeting was a long one.

Here are some highlights:

CR 11-156:  The Licensing and Municipal Fines Branch is taking over parking enforcement from the Regina Police Service January 2012. 

The transition was welcomed by Councilor Clipsham in particular who cited the University and both hospitals as particularly difficult neighbourhoods to effectively enforce parking in.  He suggested the change could strengthen enforcement across the city.

MR 11-2: The mayor reported on the Municipal Infrastructure Forum: an attempt to grow the discussion on funding a long-term infrastructure plan between the orders of government.  The discussions include organizations like the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), cities and other stakeholders.

We also heard that preparations for the second infrastructure summit, slated for next fall, are well underway with even more people than before interested in attending.

CR 11-163:  Councilors Clipsham and Fougere looked to amend the agreement with the province’s Housing Incentive Program, specifically for rental units.  Once again, the issue of downloading responsibility from province to municipality, especially with social housing, was raised by councilor Fougere. He made an amendment in-order- to stress this particular funding agreement would not be precedent setting. 

Councilors and the mayor took time to reiterate the importance of housing, the work council has done to incentivize construction of low-income housing and continuing to explain that the city is not responsible for new building projects.

MN 11-12: Is a motion from councilor Clipsham for administration to prepare a report on alternatives to the demolition of the apartment block on 1755 Hamilton Street.  There was no mention of the Crescent Apts. in his motion.

Heritage, Stadium, and Garbage to come in the next few days.

Council Recap

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