The spectre of change

In the last few weeks, the fate of the Plains Hotel has finally came to pass.  The beloved pub for some and embarrassing dive for others is now a pile of rubble.  It had been two years of waiting for something to happen.  A nervous time for those who’d put their money into the Capital Pointe project. And, a sad time for patrons, as they watched their place lie dead but not buried for months.  

With a long wait came a swift end; once the decision was made, it didn’t take long for the building to come down.

Now that the Plains is gone, I hope the folks behind Capital Pointe can get their affairs in order and start building.  The project is well behind their initial dates.  Some may see this change as a step in the right direction, but I am haunted by the Odeon Theatre’s destruction which resulted in an empty lot for years (now finally being worked on).  Bottom line, Regina has another empty lot to fill and the group charged with adding to our city has, thus far, been less than impressive. 

The spectre of change

2 thoughts on “The spectre of change

  1. I think we should put a time limit on how long they can keep the weather tower. If it looks like Capital Pointless is going to be an empty lot, they need to hand over the tower to the public or to the artist’s family.

    1. Martin Gourlie says:

      Thanks for your response Trish.

      I agree, there should be a limit on how long they can keep the weather tower. That tower is an important art piece, a Regina landmark and fairly easy to preserve. The weather tower, for me, is the ‘low hanging fruit’ of historical preservation.

      My concern is how to set a limit with the Capital Pointe people. Who owns the weather tower? Is there some body that should be formed to ensure its presevation? Does it already have advocates for it? If the public can take responsibility what would that look like? I can see the artist’s family take it, that seems like the most reasonable solution, although they may lack certain resources (I wouldn’t have weather tower space in the garage…).

      It should also be made clear I have no knowledge that the weather tower is any danger or that Capital Pointe, as planned, wont be filling our sky in two years time. Weather tower and all.

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