Safeway Sign



The 13th Avenue Safeway debate continues here at RUE and also here and here (Prairie Dog Blog).  If you support saving the Marina style architecture and the parking lot sign you may want to contact this facebook group.  They may inform you of meetings, petitions and alike to participate in. 

There is still time to contact the City with comments for or against the proposal.  Submissions will be accepted until the end of business hours Friday, December 2nd.  The file numbers are 11-Z-10/11-DU-16 (see the proposal here).  You can contact the Project Planner Don Meikle at 777-7759 or via email at UrbanPlanning[at]regina[dot]ca.

I’ve included images of the Safeway sign because it became the subject of passionate pleas for preservation at last week’s meeting.  Many community members in attendance spoke about how iconic and beloved the Safeway sign had become in the neighbourhood.  I remember one person even suggesting that saving the sign would be the least Safeway could do to preserve some of the store’s character.  

Safeway feels neon lighting makes the sign energy inefficient and requires more repairs.  The sign will be back-lit, with a new logo and font.  Safeway is clear, the sign, like the store’s facade, is an important element in re-branding the store along their Life-Style format. 

The meeting suggested Safeway wont budge on the sign, let alone the facade, but, being a smaller piece, perhaps there will be some room to compromise.     

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Safeway Sign

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