Occupy given eviction notice.

Thursday afternoon was the planned occupy teach-in at the University of Regina.  The event was organized to bring academics, students and occupiers together to speak about issues. 

The first topic of discussion was this morning’s bad news for Occupy Regina.  Police officers woke the camp up with notices of bylaw contravention and trespass from the City.  The city has set a deadline of Saturday at 8am for the campers to move out.  The occupiers were defiant during the teach-in, saying they wont be leaving.  

Occupiers had attempted to get into City Hall for the City’s press release this morning but were denied entry into the event.  The press release states that “individuals not on premises to conduct City business will be asked to leave and escorted out.”  

Members of the camp suggested that the Glenn Davies’ office was responsible for all major decisions, turning off the power, removing the port-a-potty and finally the eviction.  They also mentioned that the City would prefer them out by Thursday (today) before the Remembrance Day ceremonies on Friday. 

To my mind, this means by 11:01pm tonight, the occupiers will be in contravention of all bylaws cited and could face eviction.  

For more see CBCCJME and Global

Occupy given eviction notice.

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