Rob Bos Art Projects Gallery

A while ago I was on 11th Avenue and noticed this busy store front, chock-full of people.  It was a very small space, but there were tons of people in and outside.  I was very curious, but was not able to stop and check it out.   

It was bugging me off and on for weeks now: what is this place?

So yesterday, I finally went down to the store front (1401 11th Avenue) to find out.  The place felt a little abandoned except for a notice on the door.  The poster said tonight, (Friday November 4th) at 6pm there will be an opening for B T the art of Brett Taylor.

For more info see Buzz City (who know more about the gallery than me) who have the details. Buzz City also has a Margaret Bessai interview with Rob Bos that helps explain more about the new(ish) gallery.

Rob Bos Art Projects Gallery

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