Giant Tower Meeting Today!

This parking lot is soon to be a giant building

Come down to City hall, 12:15pm Tuesday Oct 11, for a very special Regina Planning Commission.  On the menu, a Discretionary Use zoning application for a proposed office building on Rae St. and 12th Avenue (see the application online here RPC11-57).

This is the fabled 16 story, 2/3s of a block long, largest office tower in the province, office tower and it’s coming our way. 

There are conditions set out in the application that the Applicant/owner agree with the City on “improvements to the public realm”.  Such improvements include; public art, installing a green roof on the podium terrace (there will be a podium!), sustainable construction methods and materials and a day care.

The report also singles out spaces on the main floor that are to be non-office, commercial spots. 

Should be fun!

Giant Tower Meeting Today!

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