Friday Feature: The Swap Box

The McGill School of Urban Planning received sad news this week. A student who was finishing up his masters in the program passed away a few days ago. Maks was a year or so ahead of my class so we didn’t really get a chance to know him well, but from the few conversations I had with him and the stories of others it is clear that he was a person passionate about thinking creatively about the urban landscape and making cities better places to live. Spacing Ottawa has a really great post here.

Through the school I learned about a project that Maks started in Ottawa a few years ago called the Swap Box. The concept is that people take an object from the swap box and leave something in its place… a swap with strangers – kind of like give a penny/take a penny but way more interesting. What’s great about this project is that it allows anyone and everyone moving through the city to interact with fellow citizens both spatially and temporally – it’s an opportunity to share a little bit of yourself with others and learn something about those around you. It’s the kind of thing we at RUE love to see. More of Maks’ work can be seen here (it looks like he also did some pieces for Briarpatch – such a small world). His presence will be missed.

Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.


Friday Feature: The Swap Box

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