Two years and Spacing

Last spring amidst working and saving money to move and go to planning school, I was asked to write a few short pieces for the first ever national issue of Spacing magazine. I didn’t mention anything at the time because the issue wouldn’t be published until the summer. BUT! The issue was published this summer and I am only now getting around to telling you about it.

Over the last 2 years (can you believe that RUE turned 2 years old this week!?) Martin and I have built some really great relationships with people in our local community and have started extending out a little further to get to know the national/North American network of people who think about cities and how to make them better. It has been a blast!

One of RUEs early readers was Evan Thornton, the editor of Spacing Ottawa. Evan is awesome and a great person to chat cities and life on the prairies with (his family has ties to Saskatchewan so they regularly spend time here). For Spacings national issue, Evan wrote a really great feature called ‘How the West is Being Urbanized’ and we chatted a bit about issues in Regina and Saskatchewan that he was interested in.

I then got an email from the editors at Spacing to see if I wanted to write a short piece on an issue relevant to Regina and also contribute snapshot descriptions of the 5 best public places in both Regina and in Saskatoon (spaces that were chosen by a panel including Ryan Walker from the U of S Department of Geography and Planning and Jennifer Keesmaat of DIALOG). It was a new and fun experience of me and the people at Spacing were great to work with. In some small way it gave me a little rush of feeling that RUE had come a long way from just being me sitting on my couch two years ago wondering if people would be interested in a blog about urban issues in Regina.

I guess all of this is to say that I hope our readers know how much Martin, I and the whole RUE community appreciate your support. The fact that people visit the site, comment, and engage in a discussion about urban issues big and small that are relevant to Regina, the prairies, or around the world really makes my day and we couldn’t do it without you. I can’t wait to see how this space continues to evolve down the line and I hope you’ll all join us on the journey.



Two years and Spacing

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