News for September 22, 2011

Planning and Development:

Work underway on west Regina bypass (Leader Post)

Speaker series set to begin tonight (Leader Post)

Central Avenue revamp gives off ‘small-town feel’ (Star Phoenix)

No solid plans for group home network (Star Phoenix)

More breaks than usual (Leader Post)


Community and Politics:

Touring the Hampton Village (Star Phoenix)

Counsellor Paulsen combines motherhood and politics (Star Phoenix)

A community linked to history (Leader Post)

Tension at RM meeting (Leader Post)


Reader Response:

No more taxes, reader response (Star Phoenix)

Waste shameful, reader response (Star Phoenix)

Seasonal disorder, reader response (Star Phoenix)



Trustees comment on vote (Leader Post)

School closures: time to listen (Leader Post)

Pre-K upgrades (Leader Post)



Let’s fix school fundraising (Toronto Sun)

City’s two-tier taxi licence racist, tribunal hears (National Post)



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