School Board Meeting

Haultain School, in Regina's Eastview neighbourhood, is up for closure.

Tuesday evening, starting at 7 pm, is school board meeting at the board office, (1600 4th Ave) discussing  elements of the Biennial Review.  At issue for this meeting is the potential closure of two schools: Haultain, in Regina’s unique Eastview neighbourhood and Dieppe School in West Regina.

Real Renewal is asking for the public to come out and support these neighbourhoods and school communities who are fighting to save their schools.  Several speakers plan to address the school Board at the meeting including Athabasca School supporter Bob Hughes, Dr. Rick Hesch and Real Renewal spokesperson Trish Elliott.

In the last few weeks, during numerous discussions about the city, schools continue to be a focus for people thinking about important places in their community. 

Bottom line, when people think about their neighbourhood, about what are essential uses, they eventually come to schools.  Complete communities include schools as social centres for children and young people (before and after school hours), community amenities and green spaces.

Please come and support these schools.

School Board Meeting

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