Community 4 Connection

Just a quick note about a cool event that is coming up on September 10 at Knox Metropolitan Church – Community 4 Connection! From their website:

C4C Regina is a one day event featuring stations where people, specifically those being affected by the city’s affordable housing crisis, can access a variety of free services. It is also a chance for service providers, businesses, and the general public to connect with one another and reach out to each other….

The mission of C4C is to address the four basic human needs-physical, spiritual, mental, and social- in one location, on one day, for anyone who has need, by creating a space to build face to face relationships among the community of Regina.

It’s going to be a bit of a market square with information available and services offered on a pay-as-you-can basis from 9-4pm, with speakers, live music, and a coffee house at 7pm. It sounds like a really phenomenal event with a lot of potential to start building more bridges in the community regarding these issues.

For more info or to volunteer, please contact Merrissa at 757-4600 or

Community 4 Connection

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