I’ve got a surprise announcement to make on RUE today (a surprise even for me!). I’ve been thinking for awhile that it would be nice to have a feature on the blog to post a roundup of news articles pertaining to Regina, the other cities in Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw) and even a few national urban news items.

Today, that little seed of an idea became a reality with the help of a great friend and mediaphile, Sabrina Cataldo! Sabrina will be our newest contributor providing us with links to news stories and editorials about urban development, policy, and local issues in Regina and Saskatchewan. She’s smart, sassy, and tech-savvy… and very generous to offer her time to us! We’ll have more info about Sabrina up in our ‘Contributors’ section soon.

Now we just need to come up with something fun to call this new feature… suggestions?

Here are todays headlines:

Wascana Creek:

Wascana Creek one of most polluted creeks in country (Leader Post)

Wascana Creek has damaging pollutants (CBC)

Creek needs a little TLC (Leader Post)


Crime and Policing:

Crime down in Regina (CBC)

RCMP policing in Sask secure for 20 yrs (Moose Jaw Times Herald)


Planning and Development:

New hospital for MJ (Leader Post)

In what direction is Saskatoon headed? (Star Phoenix)



Vancouver no longer most liveable city (National Post)


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