Covers to Discover


This tree-grate in Harbour Landing's Grasslands 'Big Box' shopping centre helps reinforce the space's branding and provides visual interest.

Wednesday night I saw an interesting collection of photos, at the Hague Art Gallery (1843 Hamilton St.), titled Covers to Discover by Peter Kucherepa.  The photos document man-hole covers the artist has photographed over 10 years traveling around the world.  For Kucherepa, man-hole covers are “an expression of urban art” using symbols words and ideas to represent local culture.

I encourage everyone to make their way to The Hague soon to see the photos.  The show runs until August 27th and the gallery is open daily from 1pm to 4pm or later if there’s a concert.

And, luckily for you, there is a concert tonight: B.D. Willoughby’s CD release party with Lazy Mks and more; you can enjoy the art and the bands.

Covers to Discover

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