Bike Rack Run Down

I’m fairly new at cycling in Regina, but like many of you long time riders know, it seems, one constant concern is finding adequate bike parking.

Reflecting on this parking problem, I went out and took pictures of some of the options I know well, in the places I frequent.  I think I’ve covered the different options available, a variety of bike racks and non-racks that people often use for parking.

Please comment below if you’ve got a best/worst bike rack, or if I’ve missed a neat example. 

Scroll over a picture for a blurb and click to enlarge.   The list order goes from best, top left to worst bottom right.

Bike Rack Run Down

One thought on “Bike Rack Run Down

  1. stillalivesofar cyclist says:

    i’ve been using my bike as a means of transportation around the city for quite awhile now, and haven’t had a real problem with bike racks; parking meters work quite well when necessary…..however, i have on numerous occasions experienced the frightening and often downright dangerous consequences of sharing the road with motorists who are just in too much of a damn hurry to be careful when driving by cyclists. i’d sure be happy to see regina residents put A LOT more pressure on city council to create more safe bike lanes in this city……please! don’t tell me it can’t be done, or is too complicated an issue! sorry, not accepting that one.

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