Thoughts For Summer, pt. 1

So, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been awfully quiet around RUE lately – certainly a reduction in posts from before Christmas when we were doing daily posts during the week. But, rest assured I’m not just slacking off (well, not entirely). I’ve got good reasons why the RUE blog has had to be a back-burner project for the last few months, even though I think about it often and feel guilty for not writing more. I suppose this is my attempt to make myself feel less guilty and enjoy the summer.

The main reason the blog has seen less action is that I’ve been accepted to McGill’s Urban Planning program for this coming fall. Exciting? Yes. Trade-offs that are less exciting? Completely! It’s been a bit of a difficult decision to settle on going back to school and has informed every other choice I’ve been making for the last few months.

I’ve taken on extra work to save money – which is great and I’ve been thankful to find work despite the crummy US economy. But it’s meant that for the last several months I’ve been balancing two part-time jobs, extra contract work, and trying to plan this year’s Jane’s Walk at a distance.  If I wasn’t at the office, I was working from home, working a few shifts at a local library, trying to book phone and in-person meetings with people in Vermont and Saskatchewan, or running community meetings in the evenings. A lot of projects and contracts I was working on wrapped up the same week as the Jane’s Walk weekend leaving me pretty burned out.

Since then I’ve been more mindful of my down time. My husband and I moved to Vermont less than a year ago for him to pursue his studies, and this new twist means that we will now spend the next academic year apart (with visits when possible of course). 100% Crummy. I’ve cut back on my contract work and relinquished my non-essential responsibilities at the town planning department in the interest of spending more time with my husband before I leave. I’m also being a little bit selfish – summer has finally come to the Northeast USA and I’m looking forward to relaxing in the evenings and weekends, spending time with friends and family that will be coming to visit us, and making sure that I have personal downtime before jumping back in to full-time studies this fall.

So – now that I’ve explained why you’ve heard the faint sound of crickets chirping around here, tomorrow I’ll provide a bit of info on what planning and development topics are important for people to stay informed of in the coming months.

Thanks for your understanding – I hope you keep checking in at RUE over the summer. I am not jumping ship, just taking a little extra time to stare aimlessly off the bow.

Thoughts For Summer, pt. 1

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