Friday Feature: Optical Kinetic Crosswalks

Just a quick post today to show some great crosswalk art by artist Carlos Cruz Diez whose work largely centers around colour phenomena. All of his ‘Intervention in Urban Spaces‘ work (spanning from the late 1960s to today) is quite captivating with the bright colours, but I can’t resist how cool his crosswalks are! It’s just another great example of adding interest to the urban landscape while encouraging people to interact with art everyday (here it is optical kinetic art).

I’d love to see something like this project at the Museum of Fine Art in Houston installed near the RPL Central Branch and Dunlop Art Gallery! And don’t worry – they always incorporate the reflective white stripes as per transportation safety regulations.

There’s also a Cruz Diez app! Check it out: ā€œInteractive Random Chromatic Experienceā€

** mouse over images for credit info. (top photo; bottom photo)

Friday Feature: Optical Kinetic Crosswalks

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