Jane’s Walk 2011!

Today is the first day of Jane’s Walk 2011! Regina has 6 great walks happening today starting anywhere from 9:30am to 11:30pm – so go, walk, enjoy!

Saturday May 7, 2011

9:30am            Our Past Is Our Future; 1 hour (Warehouse District – Corner of Albert St. and Dewdney Avenue)

11:00am          Germantown Revisited; 2 hours (Heritage Neighbourhood – 1654 11th Avenue (Old #1 Firehall))

1:30pm            Victoria Park: Architectural Tour of the 20th Century; 1 hour (Downtown – Victoria Park (Cornwall Street entrance))

4:00pm            Flickers, Talkies, and Black Tents; 1.5 hours (Downtown – Casino Regina parking lot (east side))

6:00pm            The Regina cemetery: Life, death, and community; 1.5 hours (North Central – Cemetery entrance of Broad Street near 2nd Avenue)

11:30pm            Midnight walk in the Heritage community; 1 hour (Heritage Neighbourhood – 1727 St. John St. (German Club downstairs))

** Mouse over image for credit info.

Jane’s Walk 2011!

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