T minus 25 days!

Yesterday I sent out the official press release inviting everyone to attend this year’s Jane’s Walk event in Regina. Regular readers know that we here at RUE have been running our ‘Jane du Jour‘ daily photo series since early January to celebrate walks over the last two years in the Queen City. We’ve now posted over 90 photos and have one more month to go!

With just under four weeks left before the big weekend (May 7 and 8), I’m thrilled to see the momentum building. We have most of our walks posted to the national website with a couple more being added in the next week or so. There are some great walks this year including a look at Regina’s cultural and historical landscape at the Regina Cemetery (4th Avenue), a reprise of “Flickers, Talkies, and Black Tents” which delves into the history of theatre in downtown Regina (think silent films, Vaudeville, and modern cinema), and a Sunday morning walk to take in the natural beauty of Wascana Park.

This year’s Jane’s Walk event is extra special for a few reasons:

1) It is the 5th anniversary for the event which started in Toronto in 2007 (this will be Regina’s 3rd year as a participating city);

2) This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Jane Jacobs’ seminal work ‘The Death and Life of Great American Cities’, a book that has inspired many planners and urbanists over the years; and

3) The Sunday is Mother’s Day. I can’t think of a nicer way to spend the weekend with your mother than taking in a walk together.

If people are interested in volunteering to help take photos of the walks, support the guides, or heck if you want to lead a tour there is still lots of time, please get in touch with me here or at janeswalkregina@gmail.com

Otherwise, please pass the message along and bring your friends to join us for another fantastic year of walking and sharing community together.

-Laura xo

T minus 25 days!

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