Window Art Project – What’s Next?

It has now been two weeks since the Window Art project took place – this was the project that RUE did in collaboration with Regina Downtown BID as part of the U of R’s Arts CARES program. We’ve now had some time to decompress and reflect on the project: our experience, the work of the students, and the many ideas that came out over the week. Now it’s time to focus on the next steps for the project.

Yesterday afternoon I had a chance to chat with Jessica Corbeil from Regina Downtown BID to discuss some thoughts about the project and where we want to go next with it. Here are a few thoughts that came out of our discussion:

1) The student volunteers that we had were all quite enthusiastic about the project and the possibilities – in fact, all have expressed interest in continuing to help with the project in the future – fantastic!

2) There was also a lot of interest and excitement on the part of the community groups and artists that we brought in. They provided great feedback on what their needs are in relation to participating – a huge help when it comes to working out the details. It’s great to know that half of the equation for this type of project (programming + space) is already at the table and interested.

3) Unfortunately, there were no property owners in attendance at the brainstorming session. Several expressed interest but just weren’t able to make the session work with their schedules. Hopefully we can continue the conversation on their side as well.

Overall the week was a success and has provided a great starting point. We at RUE and Regina Downtown BID will continue looking into possibilities for this project to progress in the coming months.

What we need now is your feedback. I’d really appreciate thoughts from our readers as we move forward: Do you have insight into spaces you think should be considered for the Window Art project?; Ideas about programming or the type of art you’d like to see in the downtown?; What things entice you to spend more time in the downtown right now?; Do you have overarching thoughts on the project or process so far?

Please take some time and check out Martin’s coverage of the week’s events (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) and then leave a comment or a few with your thoughts. We don’t want to see this project, or the conversation about it in the community, fade.

Thank you greatly in advance!

** Image is from the brochure for the Window Art project

Window Art Project – What’s Next?

3 thoughts on “Window Art Project – What’s Next?

  1. Hi Laura, I just placed a promo for this wonderful project on BuzzCity, with link to RUE. And apologies for not doing so sooner. Keep up the good work and BuzzCity will try to me more proactive in keeping current with RUE projects such as this one.

    Steve McDonnell,

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