Tuesday Tweets

Here’s an eclectic mix of urban posts from the last few weeks!

* If the 1930s are any indication, in order to increase transit use and walkability we simply need to refer to adamant motorists as “old-fashioned” and “anti-progress”.

* And, speaking of the 1930s, check out this short film from 1939. It argues that sprawl is the answer. Now, 70 years later, I think we could all agree that it’s not the 1930s anymore.

* Two great links regarding how we should consider planning for children.

* Seems like Copenhagen’s “Potato Rows” which blend the private and public realms nicely would be a great place to be a kid.

This piece on neighbourhood associations killed me (in a great way)!

* A community association in Ottawa looking to the future but with it’s current residents in mind.

* More from Ottawa: Spacing Ottawa featured two great pieces on infill housing earlier this month.

* The Tea Party opposes the field of planning and the idea of promoting the creation of town centres…. surprised?

* Walkable DFW on lively cities vs. empty cities and how it relates to transportation.

* Libraries as neighbourhood anchors.

* Charles Marohn on resilience vs. growth.

* And lastly, the documentary Urbanized will be coming out later this year. Here’s how you can support it.

** Photo of Suburbia by Daniel Lobo

Tuesday Tweets

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