Friday Feature: My Excitement!

That’s right… the feature this week is my excitement over our collaborative project with Regina Downtown BID and the U of R Arts CARES program – it’s hard to believe that it kicks off next week! I can’t wait to see what our student volunteers put together after chatting with local business owners, artists, and community groups.

I put out the call for potential projects that RUE could undertake with some U of R students waaaaaay back in NovemberShortly after that I was contacted by the folks over at Regina Downtown about the possibility of collaborating on a project and, after some chatting about the possibilities, we decided to focus on a project related to the re-use of vacant store spaces within downtown Regina. I’ve blogged about some different projects that activate vacant space, and have provided a few updates along the way as well. But next week this all gets real!

This week we’ve been putting together materials for the students and recruiting the last few community representatives, artists, and local businesses. Next week Martin is going to be checking out the project, chatting with the students, and providing RUE readers with some updates and thoughts coming out of the discussions – I look forward to your comments and feedback. It’s been a fun project to work on thus far and hopefully the one week intensive will provide some information on how to continue the momentum and interest moving forward.

For this last update before we get rolling, here is an interview with Marcus Westbury of Renew Newcastle in Australia about how these sorts of projects can dramatically change neighbourhoods. You can read more about Renew Newcastle here, or check out this great video of a talk he gave to Projects for Public Spaces – in particular, go to 28:00 to check out some great transformations!

*Also – go show the Novia Cafe a little bit of love today. Between 10:30-1:30pm today they’ve got some live acts playing (you can also head down just to enjoy the food and atmosphere any day).

Have a great weekend!

** photo by Aaron Hase

Friday Feature: My Excitement!

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