Website Updates Nearing Completion

I was looking through some old RUE stuff the other day and found a link to our first shout-out from Prairie Dog exactly one year ago, on Feb 15, 2010! It was particularly fun to see because Paul Dechene had taken a screenshot of the site at the time – it looks so clunky to me now, but it’s nice to see how things have progressed. It made me wish that I’d taken a screenshot of our last layout before I started this round of updates.

Speaking of which, we’re almost done with updates to the site! Woot! Just a few more adjustments to make and it should be done – if you’re browsing the site and notice something that’s out of whack or a link that’s dead, please let us know.

Some features of this latest update include:

– A new layout and theme (simpler and cleaner)

– A new header and streamlined side menu (no more tag cloud – yay!)

– Direct links to our facebook and twitter profile, as well as a place to subscribe to the RSS feed

– We cleaned up and organized our links into two sections in the side menu: general links, and local (Regina and Saskatchewan) links

– And finally, a link to a great flickr collection by Aaron Hase in the side menu – he takes lovely pictures of the city (and beyond)! You should go check out his work.

There are still some things I’d like to modify and will when time and money allow, but for now I think the site is looking great, and it feels good have a fresh look.

Website Updates Nearing Completion

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