Love and Cities

Hi all – I just read a(nother) great post by Kaid Benefield – this time about romantic cities (inspired by Valentines Day, naturally). Kaid takes a look at some of the elements that makes these cities top multiple lists in the romance department, and, “Surprise!” – they are walkable, have good public transportation, a sense of community and historic preservation, and great public spaces.

In case you didn’t know, people love to be around other people – we are social beings be nature. It stands to reason then that providing opportunities for people to suspend themselves in humanity provides that warm and fuzzy feeling for one and all. Great public spaces tend to also provide the occasional quiet alcove to share a coffee or kiss with your sweetheart too.

I’ve always thought that Victoria Park is a charming place for romance –  whether I’m relaxing in the shade during the summer, or admiring the hoar frost on a crisp winter walk.

Do you think Regina could be a more romantic city? What is the most romantic public space you can think of in the Queen City?

** lovely photo by R. Sproule

Love and Cities

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