Friday Feature: Musée Des Possibles

Today’s feature is a really fun citizen engagement project that took place last summer in Montreal – the Musée des Possibles (Museum of Possibilities). The project was created by Melissa Mongiat, Mouna Andraos and Kelsey Snook.

The Musée took place for one day in a new public space that was created as part of the Quartier des Spectacles district in downtown Montreal. It offered citizens a chance to imagine and share their thoughts for what the space could be and what might happen there. As the name suggests, the possibilities were endless!

“Visitors entered the field of balloons to add an ‘entry’ to the museum of possible things which might happen on site. People also received a set of stickers so they could wander through the Museum of Possibilities and add a vote of approval for possible future events.”

Being in a physical space, and letting people dream up future possibilities can be so effective for engaging people in a conversation about their communities and neighbourhoods. Everyone has a unique perspective and most just need to be asked in order to share it. Seeing which ideas gain support is also a great way to look at shared priorities and visions for the future.

It looks like there were opportunities to interact with fellow citizens and share ideas, or let your imagination wander solo – either way it’s hard to imagine a more joyful environment seemingly ready to burst with inspired outcomes. I would love to spend a summer afternoon reclining on the grass under these giant balloons and dreaming of what is possible.

You can see a video about the project here, and find out more about the fantastic work that Melissa, Mouna, and Kelsey do over at

Have a great weekend!

** Mouse over images for credit info. and to see more click here

Friday Feature: Musée Des Possibles

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