RUE Updates and Info

Hi everyone – just a few quick bits of info today.

1) After my holiday hiatus in December, I picked up my daily posting again. It’s great, and we’ve been having some good discussion in the comments lately – these two posts were active this weekend. However, with work and my other projects in the mix, the daily posts are leading to some burn-out for yours truly (mentally and creatively)… remember those fantastic books on my desk waiting to be read? I’ve barely had time to touch them. So, I’ve given myself permission to not post everyday.

Now, that isn’t to say there won’t be regular posts and updates – of course there will be. We’ll still be running our “Jane du Jour” daily photo feature in the run up to Jane’s Walk, and the same great content that you know and love will keep flowing in (just not daily). I wanted to give a heads up so if you come to the site and don’t see a new post, just check back in a few days – we’re still here! You can also follow our RSS feed (see sidebar) or add us to your Google reader to be notified of new posts when they are up.

2) Along these same lines, we’re always looking for guest bloggers to contribute to Regina Urban Ecology. If you have an idea you’d like to write about (short posts about upcoming events, neat projects you’ve seen, or a longer examination of an urban issue), please get in touch. If you run your own blog and think we’d like your content, we may be interested in cross-posting and linking to your site. We’d like to create a community here at RUE for collaboration and the exchange of ideas from a broad spectrum of people. Please get in touch if you are interested in doing some writing!

3) And lastly, just an FYI that I will be doing some work on the site (new theme, updating some links, etc.) – so the look might change over the next few weeks. If you notice that something isn’t working let me know. And if there’s something you like and don’t want to change? Let me know that too!

Take care everyone!


RUE Updates and Info

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