Pop Up Parks

It’s winter – how could we forget. Here in New England we just got hit with another big snowfall, and I know that Saskatchewan has been feeling some intensely cold temperatures – we showed people here the videos of hot liquid vaporizing in the cold and many jaws dropped. Also – did you know that here in New England, where it gets quite cold, no one has block heaters? Never even heard of them? Madness… but I digress.

Since we’re all in the thick of winter and questioning our sanity a bit, I thought it would be nice to take a short mental reprieve and relish in the idea of pop-up parks.

The Openhouse Gallery in New York set one up last month – Park Here. Three rooms of the gallery were converted to an indoor park including trees, a small pond, and some play equipment for kids. They are open daily until February 13th and, like any good park, it’s free. I’d love to be walking down the street on one of these cold days and happen upon a small warm oasis (fabricated or not). I can think of a few places here in town, and also in Regina, that would be prime for some winter greening!

Stay warm everyone!

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Pop Up Parks

2 thoughts on “Pop Up Parks

    1. There are lots of interesting ideas for introducing fun and creativity into vacant store fronts. I’m optimistic that our vacant storefronts project in collaboration with Regina Downtown BID will yield lots of great ideas for the empty spaces to be used (passively or actively).

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