Seating in the Sky

Hi all – I didn’t have time to compile this weeks round-up of Twitter links – I’ll put more in next weeks to make up for it. Instead, today I’m sharing this little find that a friend sent me: designer Itay Ohaly’s public benches sitting in the sky or ‘Benches with a View‘. What a fun idea – these would be cute situated near some entrances to Vic Park or Central Park downtown (a great place to watch people play on that giant shuffleboard surface). Where would you put them?

** Also a quick follow-up to this post from a few weeks ago. In the comments section, reader Brandi has given us an update from last night’s City Council meeting. It looks like the recommendation the Planning Commission had requested (that administration look into the feasibility of lowering the parking structure, bringing the main level spaces to the sidewalk and improving the pedestrian environment) will be accepted and is going ahead.

There, now as long as they don’t coat the building in some iteration of beige/pale yellow and terra cotta stucco I will be truly happy (and even more supportive of this increase to housing in Centre Square)!

** image via designboom

Seating in the Sky

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