Event: Homelessness in Regina

I received this email last week from one of our readers, ‘Bear’. It’s regarding an event happening this Wednesday, January 26, to discuss homelessness in Regina, and I wanted to pass it along for anyone interested in getting involved.


Dear Regina Urban Ecology,

Urban homelessness is an issue that is universal across the globe. We are seeing an increase here in Regina. There is a Coffee House on Urban Homelessness coming up this Wednesday at the German Club from 1-5pm. This session is on ‘Solutions’, and is part of a larger Urban Aboriginal Strategy funded by the federal government. Two previous sessions in this series have taken place so far: ‘The face of homelessness in Regina’ and ‘What are the barriers to service?’. The sessions are meant to increase public awareness and to develop collaborative community responses to housing and homelessness in Regina.

I have been to a couple of meetings and their is a need for more volunteers and also for some creative solutions to this large challenge. The people at the table seem to be from the previous generation and I find there is an old kind of thinking that is pretty boxed in and programmed in the old paradigm.

This is an open invitation for people to come out – I am posting this information as a concerned citizen of Regina and the Heritage Community.


Thanks to ‘Bear’ for letting us know about this event – homelessness is an important issue that faces all cities and towns and is particularly important to discuss with the cold temperatures and hostile weather.

To reiterate, the meeting is taking place this Wednesday, January 26 at 1pm at the German Club. For more information on how to get involved or to register free for the Coffee House, you can contact Cora Sellers at: corasellers@hotmail.com.

There will be one more meeting in this series at the end of March and I imagine details will be available here. Lastly, you should also go check out the Pathways Regina website for more info about homelessness in the city.

Event: Homelessness in Regina

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