Tuesday Tweets

This week’s tweets cover a wide range of topics: pedestrians braving sprawl, the intersect of planning and health, and scientific rules that may govern the city. For an extra treat, check out the above video of David Byrne’s helmet cam as he rides through NYC – it’s delightful!


* The need for landscape architects to think about public health.

* Research showing that public health is related to travel time to food stores. I suspect you’d find these same patterns in Regina’s inner city.

* How to design communities to promote health.

* WHO project to address health inequity in cities globally.


Car culture and sprawl:

* Take note Regina, big box retailers will conform to higher density areas if you demand it.

* Are ardent motorists having an identity crisis, and how do we change their perceptions?

* A look at the environmental impacts of parking.

* A pedestrian trying to navigate sprawl – hint: it isn’t pleasant.


A little bit of science:

* Living murals.

* Scientists trying to solve the overarching rules that govern the city.

* Those same researchers are part of this great Radiolab podcast.


***And to end off the round-up this week, three lovely Jane Jacobs videos.

Tuesday Tweets

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