Martin Luther King Day

Hi All – seeing as it’s a holiday today, I’m taking some time to reflect and, as much as possible, spend the day away from the computer.

In lieu of a more urban-themed post, I want to direct readers over to the TED website where they’ve put together a short playlist of talks that take inspiration from the ideas and aspirations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

From their website:

Dr. King was an activist, an orator, a thinker, and — as several recent TEDTalks have pointed out — a visionary leader. These three speakers touch on ways in which King’s passionate style galvanized a movement whose time had come.

Further, with recent events in the news (and the stress and negativity that can seem so prevalent in our everyday), I think it is important to watch Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s groundbreaking speech and have a moment of introspection.

See you all tomorrow.


Martin Luther King Day

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